About Us

About Us

We have lived most of our lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and figure it’s time to check it out in detail along with other points of interest. We love the outdoors and are (finally) retiring the tents we have used for decades. Avid hikers, we like getting off of the beaten path, so this smaller type of easy-to-drive-and-park camper van suits us well.

Why Margrit?

We wanted something short, easy to pronounce, and easy(?) to spell. Margrit is the Hungarian and Scandinavian form of Margaret, meaning Pearl. Plus, it’s better than “the van” or “the beast” which is what we first called Margrit.

The Corgi

Avie the Corgi

That’s Avie. We adopted her at age 3 in 2016. She is quite a character. Sassy, smart, bossy… all of that and more. We have had so many wonderful dogs over the years and, for the first time ever, she is the ‘only dog’ at this time. She loves that and she loves racing out to the van to see what’s next…

Why magpies?

We love birds. Especially Janet. And magpies, relatives of ravens and crows, are common where we live. They are smart and curious and flashy. 😍

Myth has it that magpies like shiny things. Audubon says that isn’t necessarily the case, but we do know that sometimes their curiosity takes over. And to that, we can relate. (Which is why this van build will probably take a looong time.)

Contact Us

We welcome your emails — questions, comments, ideas! Please contact us at hello@vanmargrit.com or via our Instagram or Facebook pages.

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