Propane Remote Fill

Since the propane tank is pretty well tucked under the van, we definitely wanted a remote fill kit. For this part of our build, we used the Nashfuel Propane Remote Fill Kit with Mounting Bracket.

Remote fill installed

In a bit of a fast-forward, here is where the finished remote fill ends up. It is just behind the rear passenger tire, tucked unobtrusively behind the mud flap.

Propane Remote Fill Installed
Remote fill installed

Remote fill step-by-step

To get it to sit level, we needed to clearance the seam a bit so it could fit flat behind the rib:

Propane Remote Fill Clearance Rib
Remote fill clearance rib

We used two blind threaded inserts (“rivnuts”) through the sheet metal:

Propane Remote Fill RivNuts
Remote fill RivNuts

Here is the tool we used, which comes with a selection of the inserts.

Making the hose connections are pretty straight forward. I happened to already have a braided hose cutter, similar to this one from a previous project, so that made getting clean cuts of the propane hose a cinch.

The instructions do not assume that you have this tool and give an alternate way to cut the hose. Once the hose is cut you simply screw a couple of fittings into and over the hose, then it is simple flare or NPT connections to te supplied fittings.

Here is a picture of the fittings at the side of the van: 

Propane Remote Fill Remote Connections
Remote fill connections

And the fittings at the tank end:

Propane Remote Fill Connections At Tank
Connections at the propane tank

Where the hoses loop under the frame rail, we used some heavy galvanized wire (actual aerial phone wire) to make a clip to hold the hoses in place:

Propane Remote Fill Hose Retaining Clip
Hose retaining clip

All the flare connections were assembled dry, pipe threaded fittings were wrapped with the gas rated yellow Teflon tape.

We have not plumbed the propane to the appliances yet or tested for leaks.

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