Adding Hella Micro DE Halogen Projector Fog Lights to a Ram ProMaster

In my world, a proper fog light must:1) have a sharp cutoff: lots of light below a line, very little above2) be mounted as reasonably low as it can be3) be able to be on without the normal headlights or running lights4) have yellow light (yes, I know this is old think) After wandering around southern Washington on a night of alternating fog and snow, I was quite frustrated at how useless the OEM fog lights of the Promaster were. Some years ago, we put some Hella Micro DE Halogen Projector Fog Lights on our 1975 Super Beetle project. Details…

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Installing Arm Rests

Promaster Armrest Installation

We wanted armrests on the front seats of our new Promaster. I have a glitchy back, and I really like being able to support my back a bit on the armrests when driving. The driver seat has a right-side armrest, but the left side “armrest’ is built into the door and about a mile and a half away from my elbow. The passenger seat does not have any armrests at all.

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